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Message from the President

 Message from the President TOP |

Message from the President

President of Nara Institute of Science and Technology

Akira Isogai

An outstanding university in cutting-edge areas

NAIST is a graduate university which concentrates education and research in three of the Japanese government's four priority areas in science and technology policy (information technology, biological sciences, and nanotechnology), and focuses particularly on the integration and interfacing of these three areas. Since it was founded in 1991, NAIST has achieved impressive results and been highly evaluated in research, education, and community collaboration. Strongly supported by able faculty members with diverse backgrounds, NAIST accepts students from various fields, regardless of their undergraduate educational backgrounds, and transforms them into fully fledged researchers and highly specialized personnel who can make a significant contribution to our planet and humanity in the 21st century.

Since Japan's national universities became national university corporations, each one has been competing to become a distinguished institution. Despite its relatively small size, NAIST aims to be a university that is recognized globally for training internationally accepted and highly specialized scientists. With a quick decision-making system facilitated by its small size, NAIST also aims to establish a new and continuously improving model of post-graduate education and research.

NAIST is progressively promoting international academic exchange, with the intention of remaining at the cutting edge as an outstanding university and of contributing to the future through research achievements and by nurturing human resources.

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