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Graduate School of Information Science

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Department of Information Processing

The Department offers a range of courses for an advanced education in information processing, focusing of fundamental theories such as in information theory, formal logic, computational linguistics, natural language recognition, knowledge representation, pattern recognition, speech recognition/synthesis, and processing technology.

Laboratories and Faculty Research and Education Area
Foundations of Information Science Research and education on information security, software design and verification and related topics
Professor HIROYUKI SEKI security: key management, secure ad-hoc network, context-awareness
software design and verification: model checking, security verification of software
XML: XML accessibility, XML access control, schema transformation
error control: LDPC (Low Density Parity Check) codes
fundamental theory: formal grammars for biological sequence analysis, term rewriting and tree automata
Associate Professor YUUICHI KAJI
Professor EIJI KAWAI
Assistant Professor YOSHITAKA NAKAMURA
Assistant Professor ISAO YAGI
Foundations of Software Our research group explores possibility of technologies that support development, use, management, and education of software from theoretical and empirical aspects.
Professor MINORU ITOU program analysis and measurement, project management, development data analysis by data mining, network software development technologies, SOA, Web service, software watermark, software obfuscation, e-Learning, human-computer interaction (HCI), computer-supported collaborative work (CSCW), usability evaluation, social network analysis
Associate Professor KEIICHI YASUMOTO
Assistant Professor Weihua Sun
Computer Design and Test Research and education on Logic Design, VLSI Design and Test, Design Automation for Computers, Fault Tolerant Computing and Parallel/Distributed Algorithms
Professor HIDEO FUJIWARA VLSI CAD, VLSI Design for Testability, Synthesis for Testability, Test Generation Algorithm, Design and Test for System-On-Chip(SOC), Fault Simulation, Built-In Self-Test, Software-Based Self-Test of Processor, Delay Fault Testing, Low Power Testing, Design and Test for FPGA, Fault Tolerant System, Parallel Image Processing, Parallel Computaion Model, Fault Torelant Distributed Algorkthm, Shared Memory Distributed Algorithm
Associate Professor MICHIKO INOUE
Assistant Professor SATOSHI OOTAKE
Assistant Professor TOMOKAZU YONEDA
Internet Engineering The Internet has become a part of an inevitable infrastructure. We are struggling against fundamental problems to support sustainable growth of the Internet, and actively contribute our research results to society. Through our research, we educate persons of talent, who can lead the Internet society.
Professor SUGURU YAMAGUCHI Next generation Internet, Distribution processing environment, Grid, Overlay network, Mobile network, Internet security, Authentication technology, Digital rights management, Operating system
Associate Professor YUUKI KADOBAYASHI
Assistant Professor SHIGERU KASHIHARA
Assistant Professor HIROAKI HAZEYAMA
Computational Linguistics The central theme of the laboratory is the automatic analysis and understanding of natural language -- a foundation of human intelligence.
Professor YUUJI MATSUMOTO Natural Language Analysis, Lexical Knowledge Acquisition , Machine Learning, Text Mining, Language Understanding, Paraphrasing, Communication Aid, Discource, Linguistic Database, Artificial Inteligence, Search Algorithm, Information Extraction
Associate Professor KENTAROU INUI
Assistant Professor MASAYUKI ASAHARA
Assistant Professor MASASHI SHIMBO
Assistant Professor RYUU IIDA
Artificial Intelligence We study fundamental technologies for intelligent multimedia information processing and understanding to realize symbiotic world with human-beings and robotic machines.
Professor MASATSUGU KIDODE Visual media, Embodied media, Cooperative distributed vision, Multi-robot cooperation, Multi-agent implementation, Intelligent human interface, Man-machine symbiosis, Universal society
Associate Professor NORIMICHI UKITA
Assistant Professor HITOSHI HABE
Image Processing Treating images as the principal media for communications between a machine and a human being, or between human beings, Chihara Laboratory pushes ahead researches and educations about image processing widely through the fusion of image media and virtual reality technology.
Professor KUNIHIRO CHIHARA virtual reality, image media, medical engineering, color image processing, spectral image analysis, recognition and representation of appearances, computer graphics, measurement and processing of medical image, wearable computer, visualization, information archaeology
Associate Professor YOSHITSUGU MANABE
Assistant Professor MASATAKA IMURA
Assistant Professor SEI IKEDA
Speech and Acoustics Our laboratory is dedicated to research in all areas of information processing of speech and acoustic signals, e.g., speech recognition, speech synthesis, microphone array processing, and sound field reproduction for realizing various applications such as man-machine communication via speech-oriented multi-modal interaction, and sound environment control for virtual sound reproduction.
Professor KIYOHIRO SHIKANO speech recognition, speech synthesis, human-robot interaction, speaker and environment adaptation, non-audible murmur recognition, silent speech telephone, microphone array, acoustic field control, blind source separation, music acoustics, spoken dialogue system, spontaneous speech recognition, speech analysis-synthesis, voice conversion, emotional speech analysis, text-to-speech, speaking aid, hearing aid
Associate Professor HIROSHI SARUWATARI
Assistant Professor HIROMICHI KAWANAMI
Assistant Professor TOMOKI TODA
Interactive Media Design  
Associate Professor JUN MIYAZAKI
Assistant Professor MAKOTO FUJISAWA
Assistant Professor TOSHIYUKI AMANO
Applied Linguistics (Visiting Course)  
Associate Professor HIDEKI KASHIOKA
Quantum Information Processing (Visiting Course)  

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