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Character of NAIST

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Diversity in Student Acceptance

Diversity in Student Acceptance

  1. The university accepts a broad range of students including persons with enthusiasm actively involved in study or research activities and researchers or engineers currently active in society without being bound to a specialty field.
  2. The Entrance Examination is held 3 times a year
  3. There is no written test but it consists instead primarily of a general assessment based on interviews, survey reports, etc.
  4. Entrance Examination Q&A

    • Graduate School of Information Science
    • Graduate School of Biological Sciences>
    • Graduate School of Materials Science
  5. Curriculum development compatible with students entering from diverse fields (basic courses, introductory courses, etc., wide-reaching lectures, seminars, problem-based research)
  6. Syllabus

  7. Flexible curriculum management
    (multiple faculty guidance system, exchange of credits with other universities, research guidance consignment, semester system)

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Admission Information

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