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■Europe Visit

Professor Tsukasa Ogasawara of the Graduate School of Information Science (GSIS) and CIR Director Noriko Ito visited Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany and Université catholique de Louvain (UCL) in Belgium to discuss future academic and research collaboration, and to become familiar with relevant research labs.

NAIST GSIS has worked with KIT under the framework of "International Center for Advanced Communication Technologies (InterACT)" consortium, which originally started between KIT and Carnegie Mellon University. NAIST intends to continue and expand collaboration with KIT through student exchange and research activities.

A UCL delegation led by the President and Vice President visited NAIST in June 2012 and renewed the UCL-NAIST academic exchange agreement. Following this, there have been discussions about expanding the collaboration, thus Prof. Tsukasa Ogasawara, who is the primary contact, and CIR Director Noriko Ito visited UCL, its labs and spin off companies.

CIR Director Noriko Ito also visited École Polytechnique to continue discussion of student research internships at the NAIST Graduate School of Materials Science.

@Karlsruhe Institute of Technology – From the left: Professor Tsukasa Ogasawara, CIR Director Noriko Ito,   Professor Dr. Rüdiger Dillman, Ms. Margit Rödder @Université catholique de Louvain – From the left: Ms. Samia Patsalides, Professor Benoît Macq, Proessor Tsukasa Ogasawawra, Ms. Emmanuelle Brun, CIR Director Noriko Ito @École Polytechnique – From the left: CIR Director Noriko Ito, Dr. Cécile Vigouroux, Ms. Élodie Barralon, Dr. Samir Zard