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■Visit to UC Davis Extension (US) (January 24-31, 2013)
CIR Director Noriko Ito visited UC Davis, a NAIST partner institution for about ten years, for the first time this January. She met with the UC Davis Extension staff that handles NAIST's students' English programs and the homestay agency responsible for student housing, visited the laboratories of and met with UC Davis Extension bioscience faculty, and paid an official visit to Dr. Lacy, the Vice Provost in charge of international relations, with CIR Supervisor Vice President Kataoka. Following this she met with NAIST Professor Emeritus Dr. Rodriguez and observed NAIST students in classes. Another part of this visit included the faculty and students of the Graduate School of Materials Science participating in a mini symposium, and tours of materials science-related laboratories. NAIST's relationship with UC Davis has a long, fruitful history and especially UC Davis bioscience and materials science faculty and students are well informed of our research and education. Through this visit we were able to observe and understand students' academic environment and housing/living conditions, while meeting with coordinators to ensure the smooth, continued cooperative exchange that both institutions have achieved.