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■Visit to Indonesia (Feb. 28-March 2, 2013)

Through the continued, multi-faceted support of NAIST's long relationship with Indonesia by Ms. Sachiko Ida, NAIST's first-ever international alumni group was started in Indonesia. The soon-to-be NAIST President (president as of April, 2013), Prof. Ogasawara, Prof. Masashi Kawaichi, the NAIST faculty member leading the present collaboration with Indonesia, and CIR Director Noriko Ito attended this first assembly, which began with an introduction and message to NAIST graduates from Ms. Ida. In the assembly, Prof. Kawaichi gave a presentation concerning NAIST and its accomplishments, Prof. Ogasawara talked with the graduates on behalf of NAIST and expressed his hopes for the Indonesian alumni group, and Director Ito gave an account of NAIST's recent international activities and globalization. Indonesian graduates also introduced their respective achievements, including achieving university positions, recent publications and patents, receiving funding for research, and various international collaboration, painting a bright image of the careers and futures of our graduates. Talks concerning the activities of the alumni group and development of further collaborative research and education between NAIST and Indonesian institutions through the cooperation of the Indonesian graduates were also held.