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■NAIST delegation visit to Université Paul Sabatier(March 3-6, 2013)

Presently the Graduate School of Materials Science is preparing a double degree program with Université Paul Sabatier (UPS) and a delegation from NAIST (CIR Director Noriko Ito, Graduate School of Materials Science Dean Hiroshi Daimon, Prof. Kiyomi Kakiuchi, Assoc. Prof. Takuya Nakashima, Mr. Leigh Mcdowell and Tadashi Nakano from the Student Affairs Division) visited UPS to discuss actual program implementation including curriculum, exchange agreement information, financial support for students, etc.. In addition to this administrative visit, students from NAIST are currently on lab stays at UPS Profs. Gauthier and Gourdon laboratories, so the delegation visited the laboratories to hear lab introductions and student research presentations. After the presentations there were discussions crossing borders, areas of specialization and generations, stimulating students and will definitely serve as hints for new research and methodology. Students created ties that will surely lead to new research networks and we believe that their experiences at UPS are an essential part of their development as researchers who will be globally active in the future.