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■Jasso Education Fair in the Embassy of Japan (Thailand)

NAIST participated in the JASSO Education Fair in the Embassy of Japan on June 5th-6th at the Japanese Embassy in Thailand

Following the Globalization Strategic Plan, NAIST has already decided to participate in the JASSO Japan Education Fair in both Bangkok and Taiwan. With this planned participation, NAIST received an invitation from the JASSO Thai office to participate in the Education Fair in the Embassy of Japan. This first–ever fair was held in the Thai Japanese Embassy (Bangkok) and was focused on offering information to and recruiting MEXT scholarship applicants from Thailand, while promoting interest in studying in Japan. With NAIST’s goals for globalization in mind, the Student Affairs Division International Student Affairs Chief Ayako Ota and CIR Director Noriko Ito attended the fair and had a booth introducing NAIST through graduate school pamphlets and a NAIST international student testimonial movie. Over the two days, over fifty students and guardians stopped by the booth listening to descriptions of NAIST and explanations of obtaining the Letter of Provisional Acceptance after passing the first screening of the MEXT scholarship.