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Visit to Vietnam

A NAIST delegation, Assist. Prof. Tran Thi Hong (GSIS), Assist. Prof. Duong Quang Thang (GSIS), Assoc. Prof. Yasumasa Ishida (GSBS), Prof. Masakazu Nakamura (GSMS), Junko Iwatsuki (International Activities Coordinator, DGE), Huyen Thi Thanh Phan (GSBS 1st year doctoral student), and Thi Quyen Vu (GSMS 1st year doctoral student), visited Vietnam from September 30th to October 3rd, 2017.

Study in Japan Fair (Hanoi)

On October 1st, the delegation took part in the Study in Japan Fair to promote NAIST, following our participation in 2015 and 2016. This event was organized by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) to actively recruit international students who are interested in studying in Japan. This was a bustling one-day event where eager Vietnamese students with many questions regarding admission, course studies and research gathered to investigate their education options at NAIST. Some of the visitors spoke fluent Japanese and the NAIST booth soon became a full house, with students and guardians waiting for their turn to discuss paths to our institute.

Participants from NAIST

Study in Japan fair in Hanoi

Vietnam National University - Hanoi University of Science (VNU-HUS)

On Monday, October 2nd, the NAIST delegates visited VNU-HUS. VNU-HUS and NAIST have had an active institution-level academic agreement since 2011, and from then we have welcomed twenty Vietnamese students and three students from VNU-HUS currently enrolled at NAIST. The delegation first paid a courtesy visit to President Nguyen Van Noi, and expressed gratitude for taking part in the Top Global University Kick-off Symposium in March 2015, and for the university’s gracious support for NAIST throughout the years.

Courtesy visit to President Nguyen Van Noi

NAIST delegation with President Nguyen Van Noi

Following this, an information session was held for approximately twenty students from the Faculty of Mathematics, Mechanics and Informatics, the Faculty of Biology and the Faculty of Physics. Chaired by Iwatsuki, a general introduction presentation of NAIST was given, followed by Prof. Nakamura, Assoc. Prof. Ishida, and Assist. Prof. Hong respectively, providing information on educational programs and opportunities to prospective students. Our Vietnamese students also shared their first-hand experiences at NAIST and the participants showed interest, asking many questions about both academics and life at NAIST. After the information session, Dr. Nguyen Minh Hai (Deputy Head, Office of International Relations and Administration) and Iwatsuki discussed student exchange possibilities (especially sending out students from Japan) from an educational perspective, and future possibilities after the transition to the single graduate school as of April 1st, 2018.

GSMS introduction by Prof. Nakamura

GSBS introduction by Assoc. Prof. Ishida

NAIST delegation with Vice Dean, Faculty of Biology

GSBS Huyen sharing her experiences at NAIST

Institute of Biotechnology - Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (IBT-VAST)

In the afternoon, NAIST delegation visited IBT-VAST. In 2009, IBT-VAST and NAIST established an academic agreement with GSBS, since then GSBS has had an especially close relationship with them. An information seminar was held to promote NAIST with interested students from the Institute of Biotechnology and the Institute Materials Science. Iwatsuki introduced the delegation first, followed by a general introductory presentation of NAIST. Prof. Nakamura and Assoc. Prof. Ishida followed this by giving thorough introductions of GSMS and GSBS. Finally, Thi Quyen Vu and IBT-VAST’s alumna, Huyen Thi Thanh Phan, both shared their experiences in Japan and at NAIST. After the information session, the delegates met with Director of Institute of Biotechnology, Assoc. Prof. Chu Hoang and concluded the day visiting some laboratories on campus escorted by students from IBT-VAST.

Iwatsuki introducing NAIST at the information session

NAIST delegation with Director Assoc. Prof. Chu Hoang Ha