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Indonesia Office

NAIST Indonesia Office, established on April 2016

Located in Bogor, an economic and culturally significant city in the West Java province, the Indonesia Office aims to promote collaborative research and education with partner universities and NAIST alumni in Indonesia. It plays essential roles in activities including academic exchanges, active recruitment of prospective students, career support for NAIST graduates, and public relations with Indonesian governmental offices and industries.

NAIST Indonesia Office

Indonesia Office Director

Prof. BESSHO Yasumasa
Division of Biological Science

Educational cooperation

  • Collection of information on local education and research circumstances.
  • Holding seminars in cooperation with partner schools.

Recruitment and selection of international students

  • Recruitment activities aiming to accept international students.

Public relations and public relations activities

  • Public relations activities overseas
  • Building a network with educational research institutions in Indonesia through cooporation with Indonesian NAIST Alumni Association.

Career support for international students and local Japanese students

  • Local support for student study abroad/internship
  • Gathering information on local companies, promoting the university, and recruiting activities.

Alumni activities/Follow-up

Research collaboration

  • Investigation of the possibility of joint research with our university.

Office/ Facility overview


Room 106, Gedung Alumni IPB, JL. Raya Pajajaran No. 54, Bogor 16143, Indonesia


From Jakarta (Soekarno-Hatta) airport, take the DAMRI highway bus (direct bus) to Bogor Bus Terminal in 1-2 hours.From the airport exit to the highway bus stop

Office equipment (Office space: 50m²)

  • Office desk/chair
  • Conference table and 4 chairs
  • Printer
  • Air-conditioned
  • Internet: 4th generation (4G) LTE by Telkomsel, a major Indonesian information and communications company, is also provided in Bogor, and high-speed Internet connection is possible via a Wi-Fi router located in the office.


    E-mail : indonesiaoffice[at]is.naist.jp

Application for use

If you wish to use the Indonesia office, please contact the following application by e-mail with your affiliation, name, contact information, desired date and time, usage details, number of people, etc.

Division for Global Education
TEL : (0743)72-6243
E-mail : dge[at]ad.naist.jp