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Participating consortiums

EU Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (ICM) Program

The Erasmus+ program, succeeding the previous Erasmus Mundus Program, is an education promotion program focused on the European Union. Within this program, the International Credit Mobility (ICM) Program supports student short-term mobility abroad and faculty and staff exchange, both to be based on academic partnerships with EU and other region institutions.

interACT Project

NAIST established a platform to enhance its international presence and stimulate research and education by exchanging students and researchers in an environment of scientific excellence. Acting upon this, NAIST became a member of the interACT consortium(the international center for Advanced Communication Technologies) on February, 2012, joining other world-leading research universities in the field of information science and technology.

EU Erasmus Mundus Program

The name "Erasmus" originally came from a Dutch Humanist/Philosopher who traveled all over Europe during 15-16 century, spreading and introducing his research activities. This program supports and facilitates collaboration of students and researchers among educational institutes to deepen cross-culture understanding and to enhance quality in higher education in the EU region.