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NAIST International Student Ambassador Training Session (November 1, 2019)

 The NAIST International Student Ambassador Program, which began in October of 2018, is continuing this year with 2 previous Ambassadors from the previous year and 3 new international students who joined the program and participated in a training session on November 1, 2019 to learn more about the program, what their roles will be and some basic information about mental health.

 The NAIST International Student Ambassador Program, implemented and operated by the Center for International Students and Scholars (CISS), is a peer advising program where NAIST senior international students act as peer counselors and listen to international students who want to talk about what they are experiencing both academically and privately

 The training session began with Mr. Ryo Satomura, Chief from the International Student Affairs Section, giving an explanation of NAIST's international community and the overall trends in international student acceptance. Following this, Mr. Robert King, the Global Engagement Administrator heading CISS, talked to the students about the Ambassador program, the reason for its creation and its goals, while discussing actual cases and introducing what is traditionally seen as the transition process to adapt to a new culture and life. Before handing out the Letters of Appointment, peer advising and points to be aware of when dealing with people in need, in addition to the general support system at NAIST.

 Working together with these 5 Ambassadors, the International Affairs Division and CISS to offer various support to ensure that international students can successfully pursue their studies and research at NAIST.


Discussion in the training session


New Ambassador receiving Letter of Appointment


2019 NAIST International Student Ambassadors