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On-campus Yoga Lesson (2022/11/7)

 An on-campus yoga lesson was held for international students on November 7th in English. Ms. Mika Takada of the International Student Affairs Section, who previously taught yoga, instructed the students for one hour and this was followed by a talk session where international students could get to know each other.

 The event opened with Ms. Takada explaining breath techniques for performing yoga and asking each person to go at their own pace. She then began introducing basic yoga poses and the students spent 1 hour following her instructions and learning the correct forms. Many of the students were new to yoga and were very focused on correctly immitating the various yoga moves being practiced, but there were also a few experienced students who enjoyed this opportunity to practice yoga in English. Not only was the lesson held in English, but the class size was kept small so students were able to easily see and follow Ms. Takada.

 Following the lesson, students from different laboratories and divisions were able to talk and introduce each other, and many students said they really enjoyed the event. We hope to hold more events such as these so that students, faculty and staff can build ties on campus.