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Delegation visits

Accepting visitors to NAIST

As part of the globalization of our education and research activities and to further develop strategic collaboration with overseas institutions, NAIST accepts courtesy visits from and offers campus tours for domestic and overseas education and research institutions and our partner institutions. The Division for Global Education handles the arrangements, preparations, and coordination for various visits and tours including:

Arranging a visit, etc.

If an education or research collaborator or other person/institution wishes to visit our campus for a tour, etc., please ask them to fill out the International Visitor/ Delegation Visit Request Form and send it to the Division for Global Education (dge[at]ad.naist.jp) along with the documents such as visitor's profile, etc. In order to accommodate as many requests and arrangements as possible from visitors, we ask that the form and other related materials be submitted at least 3 months before the desired visit date.

Process to visit date

  1. International Visitor/ Delegation Visit Request Form and CV submission
  2. Arrangements for desired visit date, visit contents, on-campus destinations, etc.
  3. Internal procedures
  4. Visit
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