Certificates that are automatically issued

You can use the automatic certificate issuing machine to have the following certificates issued within the same day: certificate of enrollment, certificate of expected completion, certificate of academic record, certificate of health, and certificate of student travel discount. For conditions of issuance of these certificates, please refer to the following table.

Certificate Conditions of issuance Service hours and location of automatic certificate issuing machine
Certificate of enrollment
Not issued to non-regular students, including research fellows. Service hours:
7:30 am to 7:00 pm
Monday to Friday
(excluding national holidays and year-end/New Year's holidays)Location:
Entrance lobby of NAIST Library
Certificate of expected completion
Students should have been enrolled in the
master's course for at least six months or be in the second year of the doctoral course to apply for this certificate.
Certificate of academic record/academic record (*)
Not issued to students enrolled in the doctoral course of the Graduate School of Information Science.
Certificate of health This certificate is issued only to those who have completed all annual health checkups. Students admitted to NAIST from the autumn semester will be issued the certificate after taking the annual health checkup in the following year.
Certificate of student travel discount •Up to 10 certificates are issued per student annually.
•The certificate is valid for three months.
(Not issued to non-regular students, including research fellows and students on leave of absence.)
Certificate of completion Certificate of academic record
(of the master's course at NAIST)
Issued to those who have progressed internally to the doctoral course from the master's course at NAIST.

*Certificates of academic record are issued in the name of the Dean of the Graduate School, while academic records are issued to enable students to check their academic performance.

Certificates issued over the counter

If you need a certificate other than one of those issued by the automatic certificate issuing machine, apply at the Educational Affairs Division using the prescribed application form. You should apply well in advance, as some certificates take time to issue.

Certificate Conditions of issuance Contact office
Certificate for Japanese Government Scholarship students Issued on the afternoon of the day following the application (except on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays). International Student Affairs Section, International Affairs Division
(Extension: 5909, 5087)
Certificate of occupancy of student dormitory Issued on the afternoon of the day following the application (except on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays). Student Support Section, Educational Affairs Division
(Extension: 5920)