Guidelines for Research Student Applications

Application Procedure for Research Students Nara Institute of Science and Technology, 2014

1. Eligibility

Persons who are graduates of a university or college, or who are assessed by the relevant graduate school to have equal or higher academic ability than a university graduate.

2. Application Procedure

Applicants are requested to obtain the advisory professor's informal consent before submitting the following documents with a screening fee.

3. Required forms

  1. Application Form (use designated form)
  2. Certificate of graduation or completion and certified academic record of the university attended most recently
  3. Two photographs (size 3.0 x 2.4 cm showing the face clearly)
  4. Envelope for mailing results of screening, with applicant's address, name and postal code written on it and a 372 yen stamp attached
  5. Copy of "resident card"(Both Sides)

Notes: If presently employed, applicants are requested to submit the following documents.

  1. Statement by the applicant that the intended research is for personal interest only
  2. Statement by the applicant's supervisor that the applicant's research has no relation to business profits
  3. Statement of consent by the applicant's supervisor

4. Screening Fee

9,800 yen

5. Deadline for application:

(April term) February 28, 2014
(October term) August 29, 2014

6. Period of study

Up to one year. (An extension may be permitted if there are special reasons)

7. Screening Method

Admission is based on the documents submitted

8. Admission and Tuition

Admission fee: 84,600 yen
Tuition: 29,700 yen per month

9. Notes

  1. Screening, Admission and Tuition, once paid, can not to be refunded to applicants for any reason.
  2. International students financed by the Japanese government (Kokuhi) are exempted from Screening, Admission and Tuition.
  3. Please consult with the student affairs division concerning overseas remittance.

January, 2014

Student Affairs Division
Nara Institute of Science and Technology
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