Recommendation through International Priority Graduate Programs

The Graduate School of Information Science has established the "Elastic Education and Research on Information Science Employing Mixture of International Students and Japanese Students". The program has been selected as one of the "International Priority Graduate Programs" by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology-Japan (MEXT) and students who pass the MEXT scholarship screening will be supported by the MEXT Scholarship. If you want to apply for the scholarship, please read the following.

  1. Outline of the program (PDF 197KB)
  2. 2018 Application guideline
  3. Application form (Excel 51KB)
  4. Field of study and study program (Word 41KB)
  5. Letter of recommendation (Word 58KB)
  6. Letter of acceptance (Word 16KB)
  7. Evaluation report on applicant (Word 38KB)