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Department for Innovative Research

NAURA of Department for Innovative Research leads NAIST to the Growth and Development

The Department for Innovative Research collaborates with IR Office of the Center for Strategy and Planning. They study the governments policy of advanced science and technology in Japan and abroad and drafts our research strategies, aiming to develop future research fields and respond to social demands. To achieve the goal, the department grasps the characteristics and achievements of NAIST’s research and manages research with a view to strategic deployment of research achievements. Further more, laboratories of tenure-track and International collaborative laboratories were established within the department as a part of the Mext program, which bear the research activities of the next generation.


Research administrators, known to as NAURAs, short for Nara Institute of Science and Technology University Research Administrators, are assigned to the Department for Innovative Research. They cooperate with the counterparts assigned to the IR Office and fulfill key roles.


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