NAIST Application NoP12-20

INVENTORNODA, Toshihiko; TOKUDA, Takashi; SASAGAWA, Kiyotaka; OHTA, Jun;
Pub.NoWO2014/126103Pub Date2014/08/21
International Application NoPCT/JP2014/053189International Application Date 2014/02/12

abstractThe present invention addresses the problem of providing an electrode structure, which is able to achieve an electrode array that can be installed in a living body by being disposed at a high density even though the electrodes can be individually controlled. The present invention fixes an electrode control circuit, which is electrically connected to an electrode body, inside the external form of the front face of the electrode body at the back of the electrode body. The electrode control circuit here can be housed in a recess provided in the back section of the electrode body or can be fixed to the back surface of the electrode body. Conversely, a layer of an electrically conductive material covering the electrode control circuit can be used as the electrode body. Such bioelectrodes can be used by fixing multiple electrodes in an array on a substrate or by connecting same using a connecting wire with built-in electrical wire. Under such circumstances, the bioelectrodes can be disposed at a high density.
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