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Donation Program

This program is to support the development of the university’s academic research and education by receiving donations from companies and private investors. Donators can designate a research purpose or researcher, and attach his/her name to the donation. We use donations we receive according to donators’ intents, and through the research outcomes we hope we can contribute not only to the university but also widely to the society.
For Donation Program
Cooperative Research Division: Grant Office
[Tel] 0743-72-5088


We accept donations (cash, bonds, etc.) for the purpose of contributing to the university’s research and education. Donors are not allowed to receive the research outcomes in return for their donation or receive goods that are purchased or given based on the donation as a free gift, at a discounted price, or leased at a reduced rate.

Regulations for the acceptance, management, and handling of donations

  • Regulations for the acceptance and management/handling of donationsPDF format


  1. Application
    Cooperative Research Division: Grant Office
    [Tel] 0743-72-5088
    [Fax] 0743-72-5015
  2. Submission of the application form for the donation
  3. Approval by the principal (internal procedure)
  4. Donation

Acceptance status

For the acceptance status, refer to the university’s guidebook (pages on Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration) or the NAIST Databook.

Guidebook: Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration
NAIST Databook