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Commissioned Research Program

This is program in which research is consigned to the university by corporations, etc., implemented as a university activity and the consigning party is notified of the results.
For Commissioned Research
Cooperative Research Division: Research Support Office
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Acceptance of Commissioned Research

We accept Commissioned research partnership if there is no obstacle to the university research and education and meaningful to the university research and education.


Expenses required for the research are the liability of the consigning party and both direct and indirect expenses (30% of direct expenses) are required. If the total amount of research expenses has been finalized, it is possible to establish a research contract that covers multiple years.

Attribution of rights, Patent application and Exclusive negotiation

  • Rights are normally attributed solely to the university.
  • If a partner company intends to exploit a patent, it selects the acquisition of exclusive negotiating rights at the time of patent application. Exclusive negotiating rights refer to rights that enable selection of exclusive or nonexclusive execution of the relevant patent for a period of three years from the application date. During that time, the university may not engage in negotiations involving the relevant patent with any other company.
  • If the partner company executes the relevant patent, it must pay implementation fees to the university regardless of whether exclusive or nonexclusive execution is selected.

Flow chart of Joint Research procedure

【Flow of consigned research】

Reference: Joint Research Program