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Endowed Chair Program

This program is to develop, enrich, and revitalize the university’s education and research by effectively using donations for academic promotion from private organizations, etc., and establish and operate endowed laboratories at the university. The name of an endowed laboratory can include its donator’s name. The operation term of endowed laboratories are basically 2 to 5 years, and it can be renewed 
For the Endowed Chair
Planning and Regulation Section
[Tel] 0743-72-5933



Expenses involved in the implementation of education and research at an endowed laboratory are expected to be donated in a lump sum at the time of establishment.

Handling of research outcomes

Outcomes (including intellectual assets) generated from education and research conducted at endowed laboratories are handled in accordance with the university’s regulations for employee inventions.

Regulations for endowed laboratories


  1. Application
    Planning and Regulation Section
    [Tel] 0743-72-5933
    [Fax] 0743-72-5015
  2. Submission of the donation application, outline of the endowed laboratory, and the resume of the scheduled lecturer
  3. Consideration and approval by the board (internal procedure)
  4. Payment of the necessary expenses
  5. Establishment of the laboratory