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Research on Interdisciplinary Future Theme Search

The Division for Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration , by inviting researchers from companies as commissioned researchers and having them collaborate with the university’s faculty and staff members, conducts research projects seeking “research themes bearing future science technologies” in the field of advanced science technology.


This project is for the university to promote fruitful industry-academia collaboration and for commissioned researchers from companies to search future research themes, as well as enhance their capabilities in research, investigation, and coordination in an academic atmosphere. (While traditional industry-academia joint research aims to solve the issues of individual themes, this interdisciplinary research investigation is characterized by the search for “research themes bearing future science technologies.”)

Research fields

Fields of advanced science technology, including information science, biological sciences, and materials science

Research method

Research activities are based on discussions between researchers and faculty and staff members of the Division for Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration and each graduate school.
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