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For your Invention

①Application of invention

If you have created an invention, first contact the Division for Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration!


A coordinator in charge of your school will visit you for a hearing.

③Judgment on succession

Based on your presentation and Notification of Invention, all members of the Division for Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration at a weekly evaluation meeting will discuss and determine whether the university will succeed your invention. If the invention has yet to be completed, the determination might be postponed until we receive additional data. When the university has decided not to succeed the invention, the right to apply for a patent, etc., will be reserved for the inventor.

When the evaluation meeting has decided on the succession, we proceed to the fourth process (application for intellectual property rights, etc.).

④Application for intellectual property rights, etc.

The Division for Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration and other parties apply for a patent, etc., and complete the other subsequent procedures for the acquisition of rights.

The Division for Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration not only applies for a patent but also handles the subsequent procedures, such as technology transfer (license, collaborative research).
Additionally, we give advice on future patent applications of what you will study from now on.