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Venture assistance

We provide assistance for the commercialization of advanced science technologies and the creation of university-originated ventures at every stage of growth. In the earlier stages, we develop creative human resources who aim to promote applied research and prototype development. Meanwhile, in the later stages, we provide university-generated ventures seeking to be listed with assistance by giving advice on intellectual property management, business strategies, marketing, fund procurement, and technologies. We also provide faculty members and students wanting to start a business with the project space for research and development.
For venture assistance
Division for Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration
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For project space
Cooperative Research Division: Research Support Office
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Venture education

Creation of a new industry by fostering ventures based on advanced science technologies has come to bear an important role in revitalizing Japan’s economy. The university has been academically very active in promoting entrepreneurial activities based on advanced science technologies.

Study of Technology Ventures

The university’s “Study of Technology Ventures” is a curriculum to acquire the basic knowledge necessary for the commercialization of advanced science technology and starting of a venture, such as business (management) strategies, financial strategies, and marketing by making a business plan. Invited external lecturers include venture capitalists, bank officers, entrepreneurs, and certified accountants, and a business-plan contest is held during the curriculum by having experts as judges. This program started in 2011 as an extension lecture, which can be attended by not only the university’s students but also people outside the university.

Technology management education

We conduct a lecture related to technology management where you learn how you use, commercialize, and industrialize intellectual property. This is an extension lecture and can be attended by not only the university’s students but also anyone who has an interest.

Technology management: “Studies of strategic cooperation at R&D-based ventures”

By inviting frontline businesspersons with entrepreneurial experience and researchers, you will learn practical matters, such as tasks on technology management in commercializing advanced research and development and practical use of external resources through lectures and group discussion.

Intellectual property education

We have been delivering intellectual property-related lectures where you will learn about the cycle of the creation, protection, and use of intellectual assets for each field of advanced technologies, including information and communication, biotechnology, and nanotechnology. The curriculum lets you learn about the importance of intellectual property rights, which is indispensable for researchers and engineers, while focusing on the practical aspects by introducing actual examples and judicial precedents in each process of the creation, protection, and use of intellectual property rights.

Human resource development

We also focus on technology transfers and the development of human resources engaged in industry-government-academia collaboration. Programs effective for practical operations, such as case studies and OJT, are delivered.