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Venture Support

Information for entrepreneurs of a university-originated venture

Organizations providing information about grants

Incubation rooms and rental offices in the Keihanna area
Facility name  
Takayama Science Plaza Foundation for Nara institute of Science and Technology
Kyoto Keihanna Venture Center Kyoto Prefecture, etc.
D-egg Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, JAPAN, etc.

NAIST Innovation Network

The NAIST Innovation Network (NIN), intended for students and others who are highly interested in productizing and commercializing their product ideas born from their daily research or technologies as their research outcome, aims at having them include the start of a technology venture as a possible future career. NIN is a community developed and organized by the university’s voluntary students and has been conducting such activities as holding workshops and providing a place for information exchange.

NIN’s activities

NIN is operated by the steering committee consisting mainly of the university’s students and conducts the following major activities.
  1. Innovation workshop
    This workshop, by inviting entrepreneurs, people with entrepreneurial experience, and specialists mainly in the field of technology to give lectures on skills and motivations required for starting a technology venture, aims at letting you gain implications for thinking about your own career and learn about the concrete know-how required.

  2. Information exchange and interaction via the mailing list
    The NAIST Innovation Network conducts information exchange and interaction among participants via the mailing list. The list includes various Japanese and foreign specialists as advisors, such as technology-venture entrepreneurs, people with entrepreneurial experience, and researchers.

Steering committee members wanted

We need volunteers who are students of the university and interested in operating the NAIST Innovation Network, holding workshops, etc. Students of the university who want to join, send an e-mail to