FD研修会 兼 キャリアマネジメントB 
 「科学英語論文作成セミナー」/Research Writing Seminars


  The NAIST Division of Educational Development is hosting a four-part seminar series in March aiming to help NAIST researchers boost the quality and impact of their research writing. The four seminars are led by research-writing experts, Yukiko Nakayama (U-English) and Leigh McDowell (NAIST), and will be held over two consecutive days on March 29 and 30.
※Course credit will be given for Career Management B (7028) when attended.


日時 March 29 (Mon) 13:30–15:00; 15:10-16:40
March 30 (Tue) 13:30–15:00; 15:10-16:40
会場 Large Lecture Hall in MS building (Also broadcast through the NAIST Academic Channel.)
プログラム 【一日目】
Yukiko Nakayama (U-English)
Mar 29 13:30–15:00 Tips on writing correct,clear and concise sentences
Mar 29 15:10-16:40 Title and Abstract
(Both these sessions are conducted in Japanese.)
Leigh McDowell (NAIST)
Mar 30 13:30–15:00 Sophistication in research writing
Mar 30 15:10-16:40 Accuracy in research writing
(Both these sessions are conducted in English.)
※ A more detailed program can be found in the poster.
講師 Yukiko Nakayama
 Managing director of U-ENGLISH Corporation. English lecturer of NAIST and other universities, director and chief instructor at Japan Society for Technical Communication.

Leigh McDowell
 Associate professor of NAIST. Born in Australia and lives in Japan since 1998, graduated from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 1997, master’s degree in linguistics from Macquarie University in 2016.
対象 本学博士研究員、助教、准教授等の若手研究者、博士後期課程学生、博士後期課程への進学を検討する博士前期課程学生
定員 なし
使用言語 Yukiko Nakayama:日本語
Leigh McDowell:英語

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