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Division for Global Education hosted the 12th Global Campus Event

On January 20th, the Division for Global Education (DGE) held its 12th “NAIST Tea Time”. In accordance with NAIST’s globalization efforts that are outlined in the "Top Global University Project" *1, these campus events are held to foster ties and increase cultural understanding within the campus diverse population, while also broadening awareness and increasing relationships with local community members. This popular event was attended by approximately 50 students, faculty members and guests from the neighboring communities.

In the first-half of the event, Marko Trono (3rd year doctoral student, Graduate School of Information Science (GSIS)), Clark Kendrick Go (1st year doctoral student, GSIS) and Bryan Tsang Lao (2nd year master’s student, GSIS) introduced many of the seasonal dishes and drinks that have come about with the Philippine’s unique climate, culture and foods. They then gave an in-depth explanation of a popular Filipino dessert “Buko Pandan” which is often served at gatherings in the Philippines and they had prepared for all those in attendance. “Buko” means coconut, “Pandan” means scewpine (a tropical tree), and this cold dessert consists of tapioca, jelly, sliced young coconut, and nata de coco mixed together in cream and condensed milk. After their introduction, everyone tried the buko pandan, and many people were surprised and impressed by its texture and mellow sweetness.

Following this, Tsutomu Hashida (DGE Director) introduced “Fukuwarai”, a traditional Japanese New Year’s game. This classic game comes from the idea of “Laughter brings happiness” (good fortune and happiness will come to the home of those who smile and laugh). Fukuwarai is a simple “game of luck”, similar to pin the tail on the donkey, and it is played with friends and family members in the beginning of the year to bring luck for the coming year. Three large faces were set up for three different teams and the international students were able to experience first-hand this Japanese tradition outside of their Japanese classes, further stimulating their interest in Japan. This event brought everyone in the room together, enjoying themselves while gaining understanding about other cultures – an essential aim of our global campus activities.

Through this event all involved were brought together and experienced the “similarity of culture”, this time focused upon the cultures of the Philippines and Japan. Participants discussed similar dishes and games from their own cultures. The event was concluded with a raffle game “Fukubiki” (fortune drawing).

*1: NAIST has been selected to lead the globalization of Japanese higher education as part of the "Top Global University Project (Type B)" funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). For a period of ten years, the ministry will support outstanding universities to reform institutional governance and collaborate with globally recognized top universities in order to strengthen international competitiveness.

Filipino Dessert “Buko Pandan”

Filipino students introducing “Buko Pandan”

Introduction of “Fukuwarai”
by Director Hashida

Participants enjoying “Fukuwarai” game