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■Visit to France
A NAIST delegation visited France from March 11th- 14th, 2012.
  • At Université Paul Sabatier(UPS)
With the academic exchange between researchers and students of GSMS and UPS that has continued since 2007 and the previous visit of the UPS delegation to NAIST in December, 2011, a delegation led by CIR visited UPS to strengthen our existing relationship and explore the possibility of future exchanges in the areas of information and biological sciences. Representatives from each graduate school, a member of the Cooperative Research Division, and a director of CIR, Noriko Ito, met with the international relations coordinator, visited laboratories, and participated in a seminar held by UPS professors.
From the left: Prof. Minoru Okada, Assoc. Prof. Shinji Koh, GSMS Dean Hiroshi Daimon, NAIST Lecturer Leigh McDowell, CIR Director Noriko Ito, Prof. Junya Kato, Prof. Gwenael Rapenn, Assoc. Prof. Takashi Matsuo, Ms. Katia Bergeaud, GSBS Vice Dean Hiroshi Itoh, Prof. Takashi Fuyuki, Assoc. Prof. Satoshi Matsuura, Dr. Isabelle Sasaki, and Section Chief Koji Yamamoto of the Cooperative Research Division.
  • At École Polytechnique
CIR director Noriko Ito and NAIST professors visited École Polytechnique to discuss the future of current academic exchanges with the Graduate School of Materials Science, visit École Polytechnique laboratories, participate in a seminar and hold discussions with professors there. The delegation met with Dr. Cecile Vigouroux, the head of international exchange programs, and discussed the possibility of mutual exchange through programs such as internships that would benefit both institutions.
From the left: Prof. Pere Roca i Cabarrocas、Dr. Cecile Vigouroux、Dr. Marc Chatelet、CIR Director Noriko Ito, Dr. Erik Johnson, Prof. Takashi Fuyuki, Assoc. Prof. Shinji Koh, NAIST Lecturer Leigh McDowell, and Section Chief Koji Yamamoto of the Cooperative Research Division.