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■Jasso Education Fair in Taiwan

NAIST participated in the JASSO Japan Education Fair in Taiwan on July 20th-21st in Kaohsiung (Time Hall) and Taipei (Taipei World Trade Center)

In accordance with the Globalization Strategic Plan, NAIST decided to participate in the JASSO Education Fairs this year to further promote NAIST to students outside of our academic and research partner institutions. As part of this, CIR Director Noriko Ito, Student Affairs Division International Student Affairs Chief Ayako Ota, Student Affairs Division International Student Affairs Staff Haruna Hatoyama, GSIS 2nd year master’s student Angie Chen held a booth at the JASSO Education Fair in Taiwan. Being a national graduate school focusing on science, the students who visited NAIST’s booth were actively seeking opportunities to study in Japan and spent a long time at the booth, listening to our staff’s explanation and asking many questions about studies and life at NAIST. Some of the students visited multiple times trying to collect as much information as possible. NAIST will participate in the next JASSO Education Fair in Bangkok on August 1st.