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■Visit to Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Professors Tsuyoshi Kawai and Masakazu Nakamura of Graduate School of Materials Science, and DGE Director Sachi Ando visited Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay) on July 20, 2016.

First, the delegates visited Prof. Rajiv Dusane, Dean of the International Relations Office, to discuss possibilities for educational and research collaboration, followed by a meeting with Prof. Krishna Kaliappan, Head of the Department of Chemistry. Then, Prof. Kawai and Nakamura delivered special lectures to the chemistry faculty and students, with a brief introduction of NAIST by Director Ando. The delegates were warmly greeted by faculty members of Chemistry, Physics, and Electrical Engineering departments.

IIT Bombay is one of the most prestigious research universities in India. In this visit, a deep, mutual understanding of education and research activities of both institutions was achieved, and it was an excellent opportunity for the starting of new collaboration partnerships, including active faculty and student exchange.

University motto:“Knowledge is the Supreme Goal.”

Meeting with Dean of International Relations Office
(Prof. Dusane)

Meeting with chemistry and other faculty members

Special lectures by Prof. Kawai and Prof. Nakamura

NAIST delegates with chemistry and other faculty

NAIST delegates
(Director Ando, Prof. Nakamura, and Prof. Kawai)