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International academic partnerships

At NAIST we have established the following basic policy concerning academic agreements in order to effectively promote collaborative research and student and faculty exchange with outstanding overseas universities and research institutions.

Basic Policy for International Academic Partnerships

This policy sets forth the following necessary matters for NAIST when concluding academic exchange agreements (hereinafter referred to as "agreements") for various collaborative research and the exchange of students and faculty with distinguished overseas universities, research institutions, etc. This policy is established to ensure the clarification of agreement responsibilities for NAIST and partner institutions, the regular/continuous exchange of information and the sharing of research and education achievements for the purpose of furthering both institutions' research and education pursuits, based on reciprocal and fair principles.

  1. The contents of agreements shall be beneficial for all participating parties in respect to the development of research and education
  2. Upon consideration of existing exchange and activities, and the possibility of future developments, agreements shall be concluded with institutions that are expected to contribute to the promotion of international collaborative research and student exchange.
  3. The Executive Director for International Activities shall be responsible for communication and the clear assignment of responsibility for agreement conclusion, revision and renewal.
  4. In principal, agreements shall be between institutions. However, department-level agreements (agreements between graduate schools) may be concluded when deemed necessary.
  5. The necessary funding for agreement activities shall be secured through participating institutions' individual resources, in addition to the active utilization of programs for international exchange in education and research for funding. (JSPS programs, etc.)
  6. Agreements shall be established with an initial term of 5 years, and agreement renewal may be performed upon consideration of exchange activities, etc.
  7. After agreements are concluded, activities and achievements that occur shall be regularly reviewed and evaluated.