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Erasmus+ICM Program

Mobility program with University of Trento (UniTrento)

The Erasmus+ program, succeeding the previous Erasmus Mundus Program, is an education promotion program focused on the European Union. Within this program, the International Credit Mobility (ICM) Program supports student short-term mobility abroad and faculty and staff exchange, both to be based on academic partnerships with EU and other region institutions.

2020 Erasmus+ ICM Program details

  1. Purpose
    Sending NAIST students to UniTrento and faculty and staff mutual exchange through the Erasmus+ ICM Program framework
  2. Program duration
    August 1, 2020 - July 31, 2023
  3. Mobility numbers
    Dispatchment: 8 master's or doctoral students, 4 faculty members, 2 staff members
    Acceptance: 3 faculty members, 1 staff member
  4. Division
    Information/Biological/Materials Science
  5. Mobility duration
    Master's and doctoral students: from at least 3 months to up to 5.5 months
      Note: Applicants who wish to stay more than 5 months will be prioritized to be selected.
    Faculty: 10 days which include performing 10 hours of lectures
    Staff: 8 days with 6 of them being spent at University of Trento
  6. Financial support
    Students: Travel expenses (€1,500) and monthly stipend (€850/month)
    Faculty and staff: Travel expenses (€1,500) and daily stipend (€160/day)
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