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Double Degree Program List

As of July 14, 2021
Institution Country / Region Faculty / College / Field of Study NAIST Division Capacity
(Application Guide)
Concluded in Expiration
National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University

Taiwan ①College of Science
②College of Electrical and Computer Engineering
③College of Engineering
All Division Limited
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Nov. 19, 2015
③March 3, 2017
May 2, 2025
Chulalongkorn University

Thailand Faculty of Science
・Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Biological Science Limited
(word: 50KB)
Feb. 18, 2020 Feb. 17, 2025
Kasetsart University
(Master's course)

Thailand Faculty of Engineering
Materials Science Limited July. 14, 2021 July. 13, 2026
Université Paul Sabatier

France Physics, Chemistry and Materials Science Materials Science Limited
(word: 49KB)
Feb. 28, 2014 Feb. 27, 2024
Université Paris-Saclay

France ①Biology, biochemistry and biotechnology
②Communication systems
③Computer science and informatics
④Earth sustainability/environment
⑤Economics, etc.
All Divisions Limited
(word: 50KB)
April 23, 2018 April 22, 2023
Sorbonne Université

France Information science Information Science Limited
(word: 56KB)
April 29, 2019 April 28, 2024
Ulm University

Germany Computer science and Engineering Science Information Science Limited
(word: 50KB)
July 31, 2017 July 30, 2022
Macquarie University

Australia ①Department of Biological Science
②Department of Molecular Science
③Department of Chiropractic cience
④Department of Computing
⑤Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
⑥School of Engineering
⑦Department of Envionmental Sciences
⑧Department of Mathematics and Statistics
⑨Department of Physics and Astronomy
All Division Limited
(word: 50KB)
July 10, 2019 July 9, 2024