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Global Collaboration Program

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Project report


The Global Collaboration Program has been conducted as an integral part of the Management Expenses Grants by the Ministry of Education (MEXT) for strategic enhancement of organizational functions from FY 2016. The program aims to encourage national university corporations to improve their global presence and international competitiveness. NAIST has particularly put forth three objectives to expand its global presence and competitiveness (Strategy 3): [1] to accept more international students and establish an international network, [2] to bring researchers into a global circulation, and [3] to realize a global campus where students and faculty members, who mutually respect diversity in nationality and cultural background, will study and conduct research together.
The Program focuses on the work of NAIST alumni active in partner universities in ASEAN countries. To support their career development, it intends to include them into a core of research advancement efforts in three areas: information science, biological sciences and materials science, and also in their interdisciplinary fields. The program is expected to facilitate research through NAIST's existing global education and research networks and contribute to a circulative human resource development process, thus promoting the recruitment of excellent international students.
FY2021 is the final year of this 6-year Program.


The Program aims to promote further internationalization of graduate education at NAIST through two types of activity:

  • Promoting cutting-edge research in the areas of information science, materials science, biological sciences, and their interdisciplinary areas that NAIST pursues. Specifically, the program supports collaboration with ASEAN researchers, in both academia and industry, who have studied at NAIST or those who have engaged in long-term research at NAIST as a student or a visiting scholar, and are involved in ongoing collaborative research with a laboratory at NAIST.
  • Proposing new research partner institutions in North America and Europe in order to actively develop NAIST's global collaborative network while providing opportunities for NAIST graduates to take the lead in global collaborative research activities in order to become global leaders.


NAIST invites applications for funding of the following international activities:

(1) Research collaboration with NAIST graduates at our partner institutions in the ASEAN region, such as those in Indonesia and Thailand. Funding is provided for research expenses and travel expenses for students and researchers.
(2) Collaboration with researchers at US or European institutions. Funding is provided for research expenses and travel expenses for students and researchers. Activities involving NAIST graduates are particularly encouraged. Research collaboration that also involves universities within the ASEAN region is highly desirable.

    As the Program will finish in FY2021, accepted proposals shall meet following requirements.
  • For new projects, definite plans for establishing and enhancing networks which will continue to promote research collaboration after the Program are necessary.
  • For ongoing projects, as the final year of the Program, a summarization activities or follow-up activity details must be included.
Due to the unpredictable situation regarding travel restrictions caused by COVID-19, proposals for research collaboration utilizing online activities are particularly encouraged.


NAIST Professors, Associate Professors, Lecturers, Assistant Professors and Research Associates

5. NUMBER OF AWARDS (approximate numbers and figures)

Collaborative research projects for 3-(1) and 3-(2):
Approximately 10 projects in total, including new applications and ongoing projects that require renewal.

A total of ¥9,000,000 (between ¥500,000 and ¥1,000,000 per project)
The following costs may be covered:
① Travel expenses for NAIST faculty members and researchers
② Travel expenses for NAIST students
③ Travel expenses for visiting scholars
④ Travel expenses for visiting students
⑤ Other expenses necessary for collaborative research, such as thesis submission and review fees(only international co-authored theses written based on this collaborative research are eligible for funding), online-conference attendance fees, and honorarium etc.) (※)
(※)Other expense are approved to the extent necessary for conducting the collaborative research. Expenses for supplies must be less than 50 % of the grand total of the requested project funding. Expenses for equipment are prohibited.

For FY 2021, NAIST has added the following conditions due to NAIST's fiscal goals concerning these funds and the Top Global University Project of MEXT.

② Travel expenses for NAIST students NAIST requires students stay at overseas institutions for 3 weeks or more, and apply to receive credit for this at NAIST after returning.
③ Travel expenses for visiting scholars Visiting scholars who will travel to Japan for 7 days or more. (including departure and arrival date in their home country)


  • Such projects are to be held in cooperation with international partner universities and are expected to be developed by the funding.
  • A report on the project activities and outcomes is mandatory.
  • At least one article based on the collaborative research must be submitted to an academic journal.

7. APPLICATION MATERIALS (Email submission/English accepted)

  1. Related documents and applications (do not add pages or make adjustments to application forms)
  2. Please download all the necessary forms from the following links;