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Double Degree Program(for Faculty & staff)

NAIST implements and promotes the double degree programs in order to achieve a global campus which fosters global leaders in advanced science and technology.

"In the double degree program separate degrees are conferred by multiple institutions in a specific field of study. In comparison to a student obtaining a doctoral degree from one institution and then obtaining an additional doctoral degree from another institution, based on education collaboration achieved through academic agreements to create a more developed educational system than simple academic credit exchange, NAIST is are able to enhance the combined effects of the programs in each institution while, at the same time, reducing the time and academic requirements required for earning two doctoral degrees. In order to ensure the quality of the degrees offered through the double degree program and the education provided through it, the NAIST Double Degree Program Guidelines stipulate the areas requiring consideration when planning a double degree program. (From the NAIST Double Degree Program Implementation Guidelines)

Outline of procedures for concluding a double degree program agreement

  1. Double degree program plan preparation (Internal / Japanese Only)
     The faculty member will work with the Division Director and the Education Program Chair to prepare a double degree program plan. * Attach course completion schedules (chart), etc. when deemed necessary.
  2. Submit the plan to the Division for Global Education (DGE)
  3. Coordination and negotiations for the agreement begin by DGE.
  4. On-campus approval procedures: submission of and approval by the necessary meetings, councils, etc.
  5. Signing of the double degree program agreement

Important points for creating new double degree programs


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