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Overseas Faculty Development Program

NAIST holds the Overseas Faculty Development (FD) Program every year in order to introduce new, effective teaching methodology while also improving the overall quality of the educational contents at NAIST. Program participants gain a wide variety of experiences and knowledge regarding internationally-recognized instruction methods focused on increased student academic performance, globally focused research environments and successful lab management, through classroom observation, interviews with faculty members and lab stays, all at overseas institutions.


 In the annual plans and Top Global University Project initiative report, in order to enhance the global ability of faculty and staff members, NAIST proposes FD (Faculty Development) activities aimed at improving the educational, research and management skills of faculty members in English environment.
 In the FY2021, the recent pandemic of the new coronavirus makes it impossible to conduct face-to-face training by dispatching overseas and inviting speakers from abroad. For this reason, on-line Overseas FD program will be held with UC Davis Division of Continuing and Professional Education.

<Program Contents>
FY2021 NAIST Overseas Faculty Development Program (Online)
implementation guideline
Purpose Participants will be expected to deepen their understanding through lectures and exercises on teaching methods and skills in English and effective lecture management using Student-centered learning. In the exercises, participants will review, assess and discuss their teaching style with other participants. They will also perform and assess a 20-minute mock lecture and discuss.
When A. November 16-17 and 25, 2021
B. November 18-19, 2021
Host institutions A. Alc Education
B. University of California, Davis (UC Davis)
Methods Online
Number of applications Up to 6
Program contents A. Workshop to learn and obtain skills and techniques to teach effectively in English, class demonstration, discussion and evaluation
B. Lectures and discussions to provide students effective classes and class management and discussion
<Program Schedule>
Date and time Agenda
Tuesday, November 16
10:00 -12:00
13:00 -15:00
(Provided by Alc Ed.)
【Lectures and discussions】
 Classroom English
 Adjusting speed & text type
 Orientation to micro-session practice
Wednesday, November 17
10:00 -12:00
13:00 -15:00
(Provided by Alc Ed.)
【Lectures and discussions】
 Starting your course
 Encouraging participation
 Teaching diverse students
Thursday, November 18
(UC Davis)
【Lectures and discussions】
 How to run and manage classes effectively
 Discussion to share your anxiety and concerns, etc. about class management, teaching, etc.
Friday, November 19
(UC Davis)
Lecture and discussion
How to respond and accept diversity in a classroom
Thursday, November 25
10:00 -12:00
13:00 -17:00
(Provided by Alc Ed.)
 Micro-session Practice: A 20-minute class demonstration, peer-review and feedback from a lecturer
 Feedback from the lecturer
Mid. December Debriefing session to NAIST campus
* The contents and schedule may be subject to change.

<Number of participants>
 2 faculty members in each division*
  *Screening will be performed in case of multiple applicants.

<How to apply>
 Access the application form and submit by October 17 (Sun), 2021.

Contact: Shimamoto or Ishikawa in Division for Global Education (Extension: #6243, dge[at] ad.naist.jp)