Considering the continuous possible spreading of the new coronavirus internationally and domestically, NAIST has established the Crisis Measures Headquarters to collect information and work with other institutions to prevent any further spreading of the disease.
NAIST has already sent out information about the spreading of the new coronavirus and influenza from the Health Care Center and also information about the raising of the infection danger level from the administration offices, but in order to further prevent any other spreading NAIST will implement the following measures and request your cooperation in these matters.
Please note that we will update or contact you with any further information, etc.

Message from the President
August 30th, 2021
To the NAIST Community

 The scale of the 5th wave of COVID-19 that we are currently facing is entirely different from the previous ones. The total number of cases reaches record highs day after day. The viral load of the Delta variant in the body is significantly greater, which increases the amount of the virus released from the infected; this makes the virus highly transmissible. The mutation itself is subtle, but it has transformed the virus into a different beast.

 We can no longer consider the 3 Cs (Closed spaces, Crowded places and Close-contact settings) as requirements for viral transmission. Even just one of them may present a high risk of infection. Indeed, the interval between the infection cases on campus is becoming shorter and shorter.

 In order not to become infected and not to infect others, we need to remind ourselves of the importance of wearing a face mask. Eating with others, where we often talk without a face mask, is strongly discouraged. If you have a fever or other cold symptoms, which might be indicative of the viral infection, please refrain from coming to the campus and consult with a nearby medical facility immediately. Also, please notify the NAIST Health Care Center if you get tested for COVID-19.

 In order to continue our education and research activities on campus, each of us needs to think about how to protect ourselves and those around us, and act accordingly. It takes only a little more attention and consideration to keep us going every day. Thank you for your efforts to make our campus safer and better.

President, Nara Institute of Science and Technology

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