Monthly procedures required to receive scholarship funds

Students receiving scholarship must sign monthly to confirm their enrollment. Please be aware that you will be unable to receive your scholarship if you miss the period when you are supposed to sign for any reason, such as an extended trip overseas. If you will be away during the period you are to sign, please notify the International Student Affairs Section beforehand. If you stay outside Japan from the first to the last day of any given month, in principle the scholarship cannot be paid.

Extending your scholarship period

If you proceed to the master's course or doctoral course, you must apply for an extension of your scholarship. Note that standards for scholarship extension of are becoming stricter. In particular, if you are considering proceeding from the master's course to the doctoral course, your grades are extremely important. Please be sure to plan your studies carefully under the guidance of your supervising professor. Please notify the International Student Affairs Section as early as possible if you complete the course within a shorter period than the standard term of study, and be careful of the change of time for your application for extension.