Opening a Bank Account at the Japan Post Bank

A Japan Post Bank Account is required for payment of your scholarship. Please open it immediately after your arrival.

Required Documents

  1. Passport
  2. Residence Card (After the resistration of residential address at city hall is completed)

Submit a copy of your passbook

Once you open your bank account, submit a copy (the cover page and the page with the information on your account number) of your passbook to the International Student Affairs Section. The information will be registered on the Web site of the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) by us for further scholarship transactions.

Procedures after your arrival

You are required to complete a series of procedures after your arrival, including applying for reimbursement of your travel expenses. You will receive an e-mail about the required procedures from us according to instructions from MEXT. Please be sure to check your e-mail for these updates.

Signature to confirm your enrollment

You will be asked to come to the International Student Affairs Section during a specified period each month to sign a ledger confirming your enrollment. You will be notified of the period by e-mail.