This is the most common category among MEXT scholarships.
Japanese embassies or consulates in countries that have diplomatic relation with Japan call for applications around March/April every year. (Please contact them directly for a concrete schedule for application, as it differs according to the embassy/consulate. Applicants from China in particular should be aware that the Japanese embassy and consulates in China use different procedures from embassies/consulates in other countries.)

First, the Japanese embassy/consulate concerned conducts a primary screening, which takes place around May/June. Applicants who pass the primary screening are required to obtain "a Letter of Provisional Acceptance" from the university in Japan they wish to attend by the end of August, starting from around June/July.* If you wish to enroll at our university (NAIST), please access the Web site of each Division to look for a professor whom you wish to act as your supervising professor and then contact the International Student Affairs Section at
*Applicants from China are required to do this after October/November, when the Japanese Language Program starts.

Details on the issuance of the Letter of Provisional Acceptance can be found by clicking the "Issuance of Letter of Provisional Acceptance" link below.

After you have received a Letter of Provisional Acceptance, you must submit it to the Japanese embassy/consulate concerned by their deadline, and your name will be forwarded for the final screening to be conducted by MEXT. MEXT then has a final consultation with NAIST before making a final decision on scholarship recipients.

Applicants can search for prospective supervising professors through the following Web sites:

Division of Information Science

Division of Biological Science

Division of Materials Science

MEXT Web Site