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Information on Support for Family Care
Information on Family Care Support at NAIST
At NAIST, you can obtain information on support for family care on the dedicated on-campus page.
Note: An ID and password are required for viewing.


You can view the following at the above website.

• Information related to family care leave for
- Permanent staff
- Fixed-term contract employees

--A Support System to Ease Your Worries--
At NAIST, we offer ample care leave as well as a reduced work-hour system for family care to allow greater balance between work and important family care obligations.
Information on Care Support Offered by Local Governments
Municipalities provide a range of information on family care support. Please visit the website of your local government for more information.

■Local Government Implementation
Nara PrefectureIkoma / Nara    Kyoto PrefectureSeikacho / Kizugawa / Kyotanabe Osaka PrefectureShijonawate / Hirakata / Katano

■Other Information
List of member institutions of the Japan National Council for Sick Children’s Care

List of member of the All-Japan Babysitters’ Association. The list can be searched by region.

■Child Care Support
Standard Childcare
This system provides childcare for families during times of work or illness when parents cannot provide childcare at home during the day.
Extended Childcare
Childcare provided during extended hours before and after standard childcare.
Holiday Childcare
This childcare is provided for parents who find it difficult to care for a child at home on holidays, on Sundays, or on national holidays.
After-hours Childcare
This childcare is provided during the evenings between 18:00 and 22:00 when parents cannot provide childcare due to circumstances such as work.
Convalescent Childcare
If you have difficulty finding home care or group childcare for a child recovering from illness, temporary childcare can be provided by a nursery or the like.
Temporary Childcar
This childcare is offered for parents experiencing an emergency such as an injury, illness, hospitalization, or childcare fatigue. It provides temporary nursery daycare for families who cannot care for their child.
Specified Childcare
This childcare is offered for parents who cannot take care of children for specific reasons such as working part time 2 to 3 days a week (approximately 64 hours or more per month). The childcare is provided in place of the family.
Twilight Stay Childcare
When childcare at home is difficult due to parental absences on weeknights or on holidays because of work or the like, this service provides childcare in a nursery for infants or at a children’s facility (about 4 hours daily, until 22:00, within six months, in principle).
Short Stay Childcare
As an emergency service, if parents cannot care for a child at home temporarily (for less than one week in general) for reasons such as parental illness or fatigue, or for other mental or physical reasons, or for childbirth or family ceremonies, this childcare is provided at a children’s facility.