The 2nd NAIST Top Global University Project Symposium was held on March 14 - 15, 2016

NAIST hosted the 2nd NAIST Top Global University Project Symposium, entitled “Challenges and Opportunities: Graduate Education in Science and Technology towards Global Engagement” on Monday, March 14th, 2016.

As part of the MEXT-supported “Top Global University Project”, this symposium explored the challenges and opportunities facing graduate education in cultivating students’ qualities for tomorrow’s science and technology from American, European, and Asian viewpoints. President Ogasawara first opened the event with welcoming remarks, followed by Mr. Hideto Matsumoto (Director of the Office for International Planning, Higher Education Policy Planning Division, Higher Education Bureau, MEXT) who offered greetings to the attendees. Dr. Tomoyuki Nogami (President of the National Institution for Academic Degrees and University Evaluation, NIAD-UE) then delivered a lecture on “Quality Enhancement of Japanese Higher Education and NIAD-UE”.

The symposium featured three keynote lectures; Dr. Dean M. Evasius (Division Director, Division of Graduate Education, National Science Foundation) spoke on “The Globalization of Research and Doctoral Education in the United States”, Mr. Pierrick Fillon-Ashia (Policy Officer, Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation with South East Asia and ASEAN, European Commission) introduced “EU and Graduate Education: Global Scene in Europe”, and Prof. Alfred Huan (Executive Director, A*STAR Graduate Academy, A*STAR, Singapore) discussed “Enhancing STEM Education: A Perspective”. All three presenters stressed that higher education today faces growing demands for international collaboration in order to respond to societal needs on a global scale.

Vice President Kataoka closed the event with a presentation on NAIST’s efforts to globalize our graduate education. The symposium was open to the public, attended by about 140 NAIST faculty/staff/students, and visitors.

Following the symposium on Tuesday, March 15th, an interactive meeting was held with Dr. Evasius, Mr. Fillon-Ashida, and 7 NAIST young researchers to deepen awareness of the importance of leadership in science and technology in this global era.

President Ogasawara

Mr. Matsumoto

Dr. Nogami

Dr. Evasius

Mr. Fillon-Ashida
(European Commission)

Prof. Huan

Vice President Kataoka

Interactive Meeting