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About Division for Career Development (DCD)

The current Division for Career Development has evolved from previous established administrative offices to respond to the ever-changing needs of students at NAIST. DCD began as the Career Services Office, which was established in 2013 with the aim of supporting NAIST students seeking employment in private companies (non-academic fields). In April 2015, the Department for Career Development was established in the Institute for Educational Initiatives (IEI) to take over the offices operations, and began planning and implementing career education and support throughout NAIST. Staffed with a UEA* and a visiting professor, both of whom joined the department with diverse backgrounds in career education and experience in various work environments, the Department for Career Development provided career support for international students in English.
In April 2018, the Department for Career Development was expanded to create the Division for Career Development within Institute for Educational Initiatives (IEI) to provide further effective education and support for both international and Japanese students alike.
The DCD is located on the first floor, the Administrative Office building and offers various kinds of counselling on a job search. We offer professional advice through individual consultation. DCD holds career guidance seminars to help students think of their own future career.
*UEA:University Education Administrator

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart

▶︎Organizational Chart



Executive Director/Vice President

Division Director

Naoya Taniguchi

UEA (Staff)

Former Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer, dispatched as math teacher in Moshi, TANZANIA
Former administrative staff in Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
International StudentsJapanese Students
E-mail: taniguchi.naoya[at]

Masako Shinjoh

SHINJOH Masako, Ph.D. (Engineering)
Adjunct Professor

Prof. Shinjoh previously worked in biotechnology R&D at a foreign affiliated pharmaceutical company (Japan, USA, Europe) with her own laboratory and also headed recruiting scientists.
Now she works as a consultant in biological science fields for global clients.
●Specialization: biological science, chemistry, bioinformatics
International StudentsJapanese Students
E-mail: shinjoh[at]

HIGUCHI Hiroyuki, Ph.D. (Organic Chemistry)
Adjunct Lecturer

Professor Emeritus of the University of Toyama (Faculty of Science)
Former postdoctoral fellow at the University of Chicago, Illinois, USA
●Specialization: Chemistry (organic synthesis), Biotechnology
International StudentsJapanese Students


UEA (Chief)

Japanese Students

Office 1st floor of the Administrative Bureau, NAIST
Phone number +81 (0)743 72 6239