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Promoting Gender Equality at NAIST
NAIST’s Gender Equality Promotion Office Supports Career Advancement.
NAIST established the Gender Equality Promotion Office on September 1, 2009, in order to promote gender equality throughout
society under the Supporting Activities for Female Researchers, thus creating the Development Program for Female Researchers
in Science and Technology. At the end of each three-year implementation period, we have continue to provide various assistance
measures to improve the productivity of the research by researchers while helping to accelerate their career advancement.
Click here for a detailed program plan of NAIST Gender Equality Promotion Office.
Initiatives to Help Researchers and Staff Achieve a Work-Life Balance
1) Support for Researchers and Staff
  1. Arrangement of research support staff and subcontracting assistance
  2. Childcare with additional benefits: Temporaly childcare for Naist event, Bussiness Trip Daycare Support,
    Assistance for babysitter use.
2) University-wide Support for Gender Equality
  1. Start Up Fund for female researchers
  2. Temporaly room for resting, specific to women, on each buildings
  3. Introduction of a work-life balance system offering flexible working hours/implementation of a survey on
    work-life balance
  4. Improvement of the “Mandala at home”/ubiquitous research and educational network environment
3)Awareness Campaign and Information Support
  1. Development and management of a website, Presentation of brochures, newsletters, role models, etc.
  2. Holding of a symposium
  3. Work-Life Balance Consultation
  4. Establishment of the Keihanna Female Researcher Network: An exchange forum among female researchers,
    engineers, and graduate students, role model presentation, recruitment bridge for unemployed fellow researchers
    and assistants, etc.
Gender Equality Management/Implementation System
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