Member / Nanocar Race II / Franco-Japanese Team

The 2nd International Nanocar Race

- Spring 2021 in Toulouse, France -

Franco-Japanese Team



  • Prof. Gwénaël Rapenne (Professor, UPS & NAIST)flag of Franceflag of Japan
  • Dr. Kazuma Yasuhara (Associate Professor, NAIST)flag of Japan
  • Dr. Claire Kammerer (Assistant Professor, UPS)flag of France


  • Ms. Florence Lim (M1, NAIST)flag of Japanflag of France
  • Mr. Hiroki Takeuchi (M2, NAIST)flag of Japan
  • Dr. Toshio Nishino (Assistant Professor, NAIST)flag of Japan

DFT calculations:

  • Dr. Colin Martin (Assistant Professor, NAIST)*flag of Japanflag of France

Team driver:

  • Dr. Olivier Guillermet (Assistant Professor, UPS)flag of France

Image calculations:

  • Dr. Xavier Bouju (Research Director, CNRS)flag of France
  • NAIST: Nara Institute of Science and Technology
  • UPS: Paul Sabatier University
  • CNRS: French National Centre for Scientific Research
  • *NAIST-CEMES International Collaborative Lab
  • flag of Japan
  • flag of France
  • flag of France
  • flag of Japanflag of France


Prof. Rapenne

Prof. Gwénaël Rapenne (UPS & NAIST)

the Members of the team 

Dr. Kazuma Yasuhara (NAIST)
Dr. Toshio Nishino (NAIST)
Mr. Hiroki Takeuchi (NAIST)
Dr. Colin Martin (NAIST)
(from left to right)