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Invention Guidelines

As a general rule, the rights to inventions created by NAIST faculty and staff belong to NAIST. Please contact us when you make an invention.

Invention consultation

If you have developed a technique or research material for which you believe intellectual property rights can be obtained, please contact us. We are also available to discuss ideas for obtaining intellectual property rights for current and future research.

*Patent application must be filed before sharing ideas with other parties, such as by publishing papers or presenting at conferences. Generally, it will take 1-2 months from invention disclosure of to application filing, so please contact us as soon as possible.


We will apply for the patent and obtain the rights in cooperation with the inventor.

Flow to patent application

  • Invention Consulting

    • Meeting with URA
    • Submission of invention disclosure
  • Presentation on invention

    • Inventions are examined in more detail in terms of patentability and potential for commercial application.
  • Invention evaluation

    • Committee will make a decision whether to fund patent protection

    The inventor
      retains rights

  • Patent filing

    • meeting with the patent attoney
    • drafting patent application documents

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