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Division for Research Strategy
"The Division for Research Strategy" develops pioneering research fields, establishes international research collaboration systems and plans projects for interdisciplinary research activities.

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Division for Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration
"The Division for Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration" develops new industries, establishes international industry-government-academia collaboration systems and plans projects for the investigation and evaluation of intellectual properties and the acquisition of their rights.

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Prof.Jun-ya Kato Group
Tumor Cell Biology Laboratory
Our research focuses on the molecular mechanisms that control tumor cell proliferation, differentiation, and survival. Areas of research include cell cycle control, cell differentiation, cancer metabolism, stem cell control, and apoptosis. Research in these areas help in the characterization of tumor cells and has applications in cancer diagnosis, treatment, and regenerative medicine.

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Prof. Hiroshi Takagi Group
Laboratory of Fermentation Science
Using yeast, an important model organism and industrial microorganism, we aim to clarify novel biological phenomena and molecular functions, as well as to develop highly functional cells and metabolic design for the production of useful substances and the development of fermented and brewed foods.

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Research project group
Laboratory of Structural biology and protein engineering
(Hakoshima Lab)
The research activities of this group focus on protein engineering of enzymes, antibodies and cell factors based on structural biology.

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