2022 NAIST Academic Calendar

April 4th (Mon.) Orientation for new master's course students
April 5th (Tue.)

Entrance ceremony

Visits of laboratories
(Information Science, Materials Science)

Basic Academic Achivement Test
(Biological Science)

Orientation for new doctoral course students

April 6th (Wed.) - April 18th (Mon.) Visits of laboratories
(Information Science, Biological Science,
Materials Science)
April 6th (Wed.) Introduction of laboratories
Basic experimental information
April 7th (Thu.) Introduction of Program
(Data Science Program)
April 8th (Fri.) Introduction of Program
(Digital Green-innovation Program)
April 7th (Thu.) - June 30th (Thu.) First quarter
May 25th (Wed.) - May 27th (Fri.) Health examination (No lectures)
June 24th (Fri.) Graduation ceremony
July 1st (Fri.) - September 30th (Fri.) Second quarter
July 4th (Mon.) - July 9th (Sat.) 1st entrance exam for master's course
(No lectures)
August 10th (Wed.) - September 30th (Fri.) Summer vacation
September 26th (Mon.) Graduation ceremony
October 1st (Sat.) NAIST Foundation Day
October 3rd (Mon.) Entrance ceremony (Fall enrollment)

Orientation for new students

October 4th (Tue.) - December 28th (Wed.) Third quarter
October 25th (Tue.) - October 27th (Thu.) 2nd entrance exam for master's course
(No lectures)
December 22nd (Thu.) Graduation ceremony
December 29th (Thu.) - January 3rd (Tue.) Winter vacation
January 4th (Wed.) - March 9th (Thu.) Fourth quarter
March 24th (Fri.) Graduation ceremony
March 25th (Sat.) - March 31st (Fri.) Spring vacation

*In principle, no classes will be held on the days of the health examinations.
*In principle, classes will not be held during the 1st and 2nd entrance exams for the master's course.

Lecture Time
 1st period  9:20 - 10:50 (90 minutes)
 2nd period  11:00 - 12:30
 3rd period  13:30 - 15:00
 4th period  15:10 - 16:40
 5th period  16:50 - 18:20
 6th period  18:30 - 20:00