NAIST welcomes applications from highly motivated individuals seeking a world-class, inter-disciplinary graduate education based on information, biological, or materials sciences. Promising candidates are welcomed regardless of their nationality or their research background during undergraduate studies. The university also welcomes scientists, engineers and others currently engaged in research who demonstrate a unique enthusiasm for scientific pursuit. More than 100 master's and doctoral students from overseas are currently studying at NAIST, and the number of applicants from around the world continues to grow. For outstanding individuals, scholarships are available from the Japanese government as well as from private sources. NAIST also offers comprehensive living support for international students, including on-campus accommodation.

2016/09/01 2017 MEXT scholarship application through IPGP
2017 MEXT scholarship application through IPGP(International Priority Graduate Programs) is now open!
2016/04/26 2017 MEXT Scholarship Applicants
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